Final Project - Academic Research

Diversity Around the World

Even though diversity is increasing, and the world is becoming more accepting of all races, genders, sexualities, etc, many around the world only accept the mentality of white supremacy or binary genders and sexualities. With the world changing so rapidly, we also need to make sure everyone is welcome and treated with respect, no matter where they go. This mainly includes awareness about appropriate language in diverse environments, properly using gender pronouns or types of sexuality and when to use each term. I hope to create an interactive website which creates awareness towards how to use these various terms and to display how diversity and inclusiveness impacts a region as a whole. Through this, I hope to create an environment of mutual respect and acceptance around my community and eventually around the world.

Overall, diversity in the workplace can bring about a lot of changes in productivity and create a free or relaxed environment for everyone. Several business leaders have explicitly stated that the lack of diversity can negatively impact their companies and employees. Diverse backgrounds, ideas and points of view have helped us build and invent as a nation, and this is a distinctive competitive advantage for our country. Diverse and inclusive companies have better competitive edge, meaning they gain higher market shares and a better place when entering new markets. Diversity can often mean higher financial performance. It can increase adaptability and promote creativity and innovation with the wide range of new ideas and perspectives. Inclusive workplaces also maximize talent and productivity. Teams with more diversity and inclusion are more likely to have better job satisfaction and be more open to sharing new ideas. This also reduces interpersonal aggression and discrimination, eventually increasing mutual respect for one another. This also increases trust and engagement among employees.

In terms of gender-based diversity, many countries around the world are creating awareness about gender pronouns and the use of gender-neutral language. However, languages create barriers in cases like these, where many languages don’t have an assigned gender-neutral noun or the one they have in place is disrespectful. The use of gendered terms have been in the system for centuries, mainly because they were assigned in times when men were dominant. Creating inclusive language in all parts of life is important because it creates a sense of respect and acceptance for many people in our society. With growing awareness, people are moving away from gendered terms and embracing gender-neutral language. This is just one of the ways we can promote and create diverse environments for all humans. Another example of becoming more gender-neutral is the creation of gender-neutral bathrooms in schools and public spaces. With the development of such facilities, we can help the world become a more accepting place.

Overall, diversity is a factor which helps in the improvement of a professional atmosphere as well as encourages development and constant updates in policies, language and infrastructure. This constant change in all parts of our life is important for global development and growth as well as for people to feel at home regardless of where they are in the world.